Annual Fund

Transformation of Heart & Mind

The 2023/2024 ANNUAL FUND

The Bible speaks much about transformation and the Spirit’s ability to make new. In Ephesians and Colossians, the apostle Paul talks about “putting off” the old man and “putting on” the new. By God’s grace, this is what we’re praying for and striving for in every student… transformation of the whole being, both heart and mind. Created in the image of God, we have the unique ability to grow in our apprehension of truth, in our practice of goodness, and in our appreciation for beauty. Each day, we press toward this goal. After all, from the beginning, our MISSION at SCCS has been to train up a generation of kingdom builders… citizens of excellence who observe, think, and articulate with humility, reason, and clarity for the glory of God. Will you join us?


To better match your personal philanthropic preferences with our existing needs, we offer restricted giving opportunities. Please decide how your gift will support the school by investing in the SCCS Family of Funds. We accept both unrestricted (Lions Fund) and restricted (Family of Funds) gifts.

Ways to Give

We welcome contributions of cash, stock, property, and other assets. In addition, many corporations offer matching gift programs, allowing friends to double their contributions! Please contact your employer for information regarding this benefit.