• Summer Office Hours

    Our summer office hours will be Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 2:00pm at our Pennsylvania Ave. location.

  • Edukits
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  • Sign-up now for a fun, educationally based Summer Program with nine weekly sessions at our Pinehurst campus. You may come and enjoy all nine weeks, or choose what weeks work for your family's schedule.  

    Weekly sessions will run Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 12:00, with student drop-off beginning at 8:15 and the cost is $100 per session. If you sign up for all eight sessions, you will receive a discount of $100.

    ALL children must be potty trained to attend camp.                               
    There will be a $50 registration fee due at time of enrollment.            

    Please contact Shanna Browning at if you are interested!

    Dates /Theme

    Week 1:  May 22 - 26
    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Week 2: May 30 - June 2
    Summer Time!

    Week 3: June 5 -9
    Outer Space

    Week 4: June 12 - 16

    Week 5: June 19 - 23
    Let's Go Camping!

    Week 6: June 26 -  30

    Week 7: July 10 - 14

    Week 8: July 17 - 21
    The Beach!!

    Week 9: July 24 -  28
    Bible "Superheros"


  • Call upon the assistance of a SCCS Family-Owned Business or SCCS-Sponsor in our new Business Directory. In doing so, our community grows to support one another through SCCS relationships rooted in Christ. Help us show our parents and local sponsors how truly appreciated they are by enlisting their services today!

  • New Land Sign

    Check it out! Our new property on Ray's Bridge Rd.

  • Greek Feast

    On Tuesday October 25, the third grade students transformed the auditorium into a miniature Ancient Greece with decorative frescoes, hand crafted Trojan horses and Greek and Trojan warriors and kings, themselves. Several gods and goddesses were even present as well!

    The program commenced with a lovely introduction from Mrs. Miller about the importance of studying the Greeks in light of understanding Christianity. The program began as the children recited Psalm 86:8 & 10 as a group. Next, the Greek characters played a brief game with the audience called "Who am I?" Each character read several obscure facts about him or herself and the audience members attempted to learn their identity. Some members of the middle school and upper school demonstrated for the third graders their memory of Greek Mythology by participating. Mrs. Rush then led the group in a song about the Greek characters to the tune of "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dina." The characters then put on two brief plays "The Minotaur" and "The Trojan War." After Achilles was slain and Helen was freed, the characters and their families enjoyed a lavish, authentic Greek feast. 

    The parents worked hard to prepare treats such as baklava and spanakopita for all to enjoy.

    Thank you so much to the parents who made the Greek Feast possible through hours of decorating, cooking, baking, and costume assembly. A special thank you to Ashly Harris who organized a committee to decorate the parish beautifully. Additionally, ask a third grader about a new food he or she tried at the Feast- you are sure to be impressed! The Greek Feast was a great success and we thank our school for the chance to put on such a great event each year.  

  • View the statistics from our Standard Achievement Tests of 2016. On average, SCCS students test two to four grade levels above the national average, but our students do not necessarily come to the school above-average. We believe our dedication to classical Christian pedagogy takes children from wherever they are, and elevates them to be the very best students they can be.