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Scholarship Fund

Giving to the Scholarship Endowment Fund provides opportunities for children whose families might not otherwise be able to enroll them at SCCS to benefit from this amazing educational opportunity. At the same time it increases student enrollment for the school.  

This makes economic sense as well as allowing the school to reach out and serve our community at large.

The Scholarship Endowment Fund allows for the accumulation of donations of any amount into an income-earning investment fund, the proceeds from which will be used to fund need-based tuition assistance to qualifying students. Additionally, these earnings will be utilized to fund tuition discounts for the children of teachers and staff, as well as tuition-discount incentives for multiple children enrolled from one household.

Independent Scholarships

The SCCS Scholarship Program provides opportunities for donors to establish specially named and structured scholarship opportunities in honor of or as a memorial to loved ones. Qualifying requirements for receipt of these types of scholarships are completely flexible and will be determined between the donor and the school’s scholarship committee.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

The SCCS Scholarship Committee is actively researching and seeking scholarship opportunities from nonaffiliated organizations for which SCCS students and families might have access. As these opportunities become available they will be posted on this website and applicants will receive assistance and information on application requirements from the SCCS Scholarship Committee.

Donor support is critical, as nearly $200,000 in tuition assistance is processed through SCCS each year. Participation in any form and in any amount is welcomed.

"To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen owes to his country."
- George Washington