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Annual Fund

"No one has ever become poor by giving."  
                                                        – Anne Frank

   Typically annual expense items are recurring year after year and are best planned for and funded via endowments. Giving to this operating need is crucial to keeping tuition fees affordable and competitive. SCCS has structured an endowment fund into which contributions are placed and subsequently invested, the income from which is used to fund these expenses. Without such a mechanism, the cost of these operational expenses would be paid from the operations budget, which is funded by tuition income.

   These costs, while modest at present, will grow as the school grows.  

   Contributions made to this cause early in our growth cycle will multiply more rapidly from retained earnings so as to make future needs more easily funded from the endowment. You are encouraged to include a moderate sum as a contribution to this fund so that future needs might be anticipated and prepared for properly. Our five-year goal is to accumulate a $2 million corpus for this fund, the income from which should be sufficient to properly provide the annual need.

The annual fund supports four significant elements of campus operation generally viewed as non-classroom related functions.  These include:

  • Facility repair and maintenance
  • Student transportation
  • Marketing and promotion of school
  • Teacher and staff recruiting, training
    & benefits