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Charitable giving has long been honored as a noble and important humane gesture. Indeed, there is considerable Biblical support and command in both the Old and New Testaments for generous giving of time, talent and resources as part of one’s overall worship experience. In modern times we have seen much discussion, rationalization and even confusion about this topic and our giving practices. The proliferation of causes, opportunities and methods of giving can be and in many cases is overwhelming.

Sandhills Classical Christian School firmly supports and believes that giving is first and foremost part of the Christian worship experience and responsibility.  We also subscribe to the secular parable,

“Give a man a fish and your feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”

In today’s vernacular it is equally well stated as,

“A hand up is more permanent and valuable than a hand out!”

At SCCS our mission of, “Developing citizens of excellence who observe, think, and articulate with humility, reason, and clarity for the glory of God,” stands tall and substantially unrivaled in education circles, especially in the Pre-K through 12th grades.  Our students are well equipped to excel in life.  SCCS is not just about academics but also the broader goals of a Biblical underpinning, character development, respect, critical thinking, moral compass, integrity, skilled communication abilities and social graces.

As a 501c3 not for profit organization financial contributions qualify as tax deductible.  We covet your financial support as well as your contribution of time and talent which helps build the family atmosphere at the school, which we cherish.  Of course, most of all we covet your prayers that the school will continue to flourish and that our students will become difference makers as they mature.


  • Transfer stock from your name to Sandhills Classical Christian School. For instructions on making gifts of marketable securities fund share, contact the school office at 910-695-1874.
  • Request a matching gift from your employer. Hundreds of organizations match charitable gifts of employees. Check with the human resource department of your or your spouse's company for a matching gift form. 
  • List SCCS as a beneficiary in your will. Contact your attorney to update your last will and testament.


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