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Dallas Peschken

Dallas Peschken
Dallas Peschken
Logic Teacher
Phone: 910-725-1368
Employed Since: 7/28/2015
3 Years Experience At School
  • College BA - Liberty University

Mr. Peschken teaches Bible. History and Logic in our Logic and Rhetoric School. He especially enjoys interacting with the students and the diversity of the faculty at SCCS. Mr. Peschken possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Religion & Youth MInistry and is licensed for ministry by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Before coming to SCCS, he served as an Associate pastor for four years and has fifteen total years of experience working with youth in a religious setting. Mr. Peschken has a wife of twenty-one years and four children. A few of his favorites include: baseball, hockey, Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis and hiking with his family.

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