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Carolyn Waller

Carolyn Waller
Carolyn Waller
Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Phone: 910-725-1368
Employed Since: 7/28/2010
8 Years Experience At School
  • Post-graduate M. St. - New St. Andrews
  • College BS - Emmaus Bible College

Ms. Waller teaches 11th grade Humanities, Logic School Latin, and Resource. She has over 7 years of teaching as a substitute and for homeschoolers. Ms. Waller possesses a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Biblical Studies and a Master of Studies in Classical Christian Studies. She is also a graduate of Children's Ministry Institute. Crafting a creative, beautiful, and effective lesson plan is one of her favorite things about teaching, and with SCCS's community and small class size, she enjoys being able to watch students grow emotionally and academically over several years. Before coming to SCCS, Ms. Waller spent two years in Mexico with a missionary family, teaching the family's three children and helping with the local church's ministries. She enjoys studying languages, reading and being involved in her church's children ministry.

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