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Claire Kinyon

Martha Kinyon
Martha Kinyon
Logic and Rhetoric Art/Art History and 8th Grade Ela Teacher
Phone: 910-725-1368
Employed Since: 7/1/2017
1 Years Experience At School
  • Post-graduate MAT - Jacksonville University
  • College BA - Agnes Scott College

Mrs. Kinyon teaches 1st and 2nd grade art as well as 6th through 12th art and art history. Intermittently, she has taught art and English in public and homeschool settings for the past 25 years. She loves watching her students discover that they can create art themselves and connect to great works of art. She is glad to be part of a classical Christian school training students to strive for excellence for God's glory. Mrs. Kinyon holds an M.A.T. in English and a Bachelor of Arts in Art. For fun Mrs. Kinyon enjoys drawing, painting, reading, playing piano and gardening. Most of all, she treasures time with her husband John and their 5 sons.

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