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Crystal Hughes

Crystal Hughes
Crystal Hughes
4th Grade Teacher
Phone: 910-695-1874
Employed Since: 6/20/2017
1 Years Experience At School
  • Post-graduate MA - Liberty University
  • College BS - Columbia International University

Ms. Hughes currently teaches 4th grade. She has over 9 years of teaching experience in preschool, 3rd - 5th grades, 9th – 12th grades, and she has served as a Youth Assistant and as a Teens Addiction Program Counselor in two different churches. She enjoys working with children of all ages, but her main goals while teaching are to develop a love for learning while encouraging spiritual growth and a devotion to Jesus Christ in every area of life. Ms. Hughes earned a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Bible Teaching and two additional Masters in Teaching Middle Grades and Human Services with a specialization in Health and Wellness. When she is not teaching, she enjoys reading, exercising, taking/editing photos, mentoring teens, shopping, and spending time with family.

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