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Priority Enrollment

Students will be enrolled or re-enrolled according to the order of priority listed below. These priorities apply only after students have been qualified through application, assessment and interview. Returning students are considered re-enrolled unless special academic or behavioral probation applies.

1st Priority

Returning students: Students who are enrolled from the previous year, provided they register by the set re-enrollment date.

2nd Priority

Children of SCCS employee applicants: Students who have a parent employed at Sandhills Classical Christian School.

3rd Priority

Sibling applicants: Students who have a Sandhills Classical Christian School sibling enrolled.

4th Priority

Other applicants: Students who do not meet one of the above criteria.

Date of application is only one factor in the admissions process and does not determine an applicant’s place on the waiting list. It does, however, determine the applicant’s place among other qualified applicants of the same priority level.

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