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Grammar Phase 

Grades K through 5th

The brains of children in kindergarten through fifth grade are at the height of their ability to memorize. In this phase, Classical education capitalizes on that skill, giving children information they will retain over a lifetime.

The Teacher as : Instructor


Logic Phase

Grades 6th through 8th

In grades sixth through eighth, Classical education takes advantage of the naturally argumentative and questioning stage of children. These students are taught how to reason through their questions and come to understand that disagreement need not be disagreeable.

The teacher as: Coach

Rhetoric Phase  

Grades 9th through 12th

The final phase is the high school years. At this time, the Classical education teaches students to persuasively articulate their thoughts and beliefs through discussion, presentation, and writing. Sandhills Classical Christian School uses this model to graduate citizens of excellence to the glory of God. 

The teacher as: Mentor

The Preschool of SCCS

Campuses are offered at several locations throughout Moore County and serves 3 and 4 years olds.
Click here to view our preschool program.