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Classical Christian Education

Under the Trivium model, Sandhills Classical Christian School uses curriculum and resources from a variety of sources, including Saxon and Veritas Press. The curriculum for the Grammar School (kindergarten through 5th grades) focuses on multi-sensory learning to acquire a wide range of facts about history, math, English, science, geography, Latin (beginning in 3rd grade), grammar, and the Bible.

The foundation of facts presented in the grammar phase is brought into ordered relationship in the Logic School (6th through 8th grades) as students examine the how and why of subjects. In this stage, the curriculum introduces formal logic to students at an age they are prepared to learn to reason. These young scholars study history, religion, literature, and art over a specific time period, helping them to form an integrated view of these subjects. The curriculum also stresses creative and research writing, algebra, and science. Finally, in the Rhetoric School (9th through 12th grades), students continue to integrate all subjects through the Christian scriptures, applying logic thinking with the skill of rhetoric presentation, often being asked to take oral exams and express themselves publicly.

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