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A la Carte Classes

Students in 6th - 12th grade may apply to take a la carte classes if space is available.  An application must be completed and accompanied by a $100 application fee.  Once received, a contract for the courses desired will be sent. This needs to be completed and accompanied by a contract fee of $100 for the first course and $50 for each additional course. This may be paid all at one time or spread out over an 11 month period. If spread out over the 11 months, 2% tuition insurance is also added.  If the fee is paid in advance, no refunds will be given should the student leave during the school year.  Because students will be considered enrolled at SCCS, all school policies apply (uniform, discipline, attendance, etc.) They may also take co-curriculars and participate in sports.

A la carte classes and tuition listed below (no more than three courses may be taken at one time):

  • 6th grade Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics: $1,000
  • 6th grade Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus: $1,000
  • Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III: $1,000
  • Humanities, to include History, English, Bible: $4,500