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Faculty and Staff

Our Educators

Sandhills Classical Christian School's educators are among the best in their field. They bring with them not only the tools of their craft but a belief in the school's mission to cultivate students for the glory of God. We invite you to contact a member of our faculty or staff.

  • 100% of our K-12 academic teachers hold a Bachelor's Degree or above
  • 53% of our K-12 academic teachers hold a Master's Degree or above
  • 100% of our K-12 academic teachers pursue ACCS certification 
    • Teachers have two years to complete their certification
  • 100% of our academic teachers and staff are CPR and First Aid Certified
  • 100% of our K-12 teachers are Christian educators


Meet Our Administration Staff

  Name Title
Susan Baer Baer, Susan Grammar School Art/Resource
Lauren Barker Barker, Lauren After Care Director
Teressa Beavers Beavers, Teressa 2nd Grade Teacher
Jinna Berge Berge, Jinna Preschool Teacher Assistant
Melissa Boone Boone, Melissa Preschool Teacher 4 year old
Kathleen Bradford Bradford, Kathleen Preschool Teacher PreK
Shanna Browning Browning, Shanna Preschool Principal
Lindsey Bufmeyer Bufmeyer, Lindsey Events Coordinator
Elizabeth Bullock Bullock, Elizabeth Grammar School Latin Teacher
Erin Cochran Cochran, Erin Kindergarten Half Day Teacher
Katie Conely Conely, Katie Rhetoric Teacher
James Cowman Cowman, James Logic and Rhetoric Bible and History Teacher
Joanna Criswell Criswell, Joanna Preschool Teacher Latin and Music
Lynn Dosh Dosh, Lynn Logic and Rhetoric Math Teacher
Terry Duffell Duffell, Terry Admin. Assistant Logic and Rhetoric School
Matina Dwyer Dwyer, Matina Preschool Teacher PreK
Hayley Edwards Edwards, Hayley Preschool Teacher 4 year old
Linda Gerdes Gerdes, Linda Preschool Teacher 4 year old
Gary Goeschl Goeschl, Gary Rhetoric Bible Teacher
Sarah Gooch Gooch, Sarah Athletic Director
Edith Guilbault Guilbault, Edith Preschool Teacher Assistant
Rita Hanson Hanson, Rita Preschool Teacher Art
Jan Havey Havey, Jan Resource Teacher
Alison Holton Holton, Alison Preschool Aftercare Teacher
Arlene Huffman Huffman, Arlene 4th Grade Teacher
Crystal Hughes Hughes, Crystal 4th Grade Teacher
Laurie Jerry Jerry, Laurie Preschool Aftercare Teacher
Claire Kinyon Kinyon, Claire Logic and Rhetoric Art/Art History and 8th Grade Ela Teacher
Heidi Laughman Laughman, Heidi Preschool Teacher 3 year old
Carla Lawson Lawson, Carla Preschool Teacher PreK
Kristin Lilly Lilly, Kristin Preschool Aftercare Teacher
Kelly Mabry Mabry, Kelly Preschool Aftercare Teacher
Ashley Matthews Matthews, Ashley CPA
Cathy Middleton Middleton, Cathy 7th Grade Ela Teacher
Cassie Miles Miles, Cassie Rhetoric Math & Science
Jim Miles Miles, Jim 6th Grade Teacher
Janet Miller Miller, Janet 3rd Grade Teacher
Allison Monroe Monroe, Allison Admin. Assistant Preschool
Ashley Nicholson Nicholson, Ashley Director of Co-Curriculars
Dallas Peschken Peschken, Dallas Logic Teacher
Angela Pihlgren Pihlgren, Angela Office Manager and Director of Admissions
Lynette Proulx Proulx, Lynette Kindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Razzano Razzano, Rebecca 2nd Grade Teacher
Mary F Rush Rush, Mary F Music Teacher
Mary Katherine Rush Rush, Mary Katherine Preschool Teacher Assistant
Nicole Ryan Ryan, Nicole Preschool Teacher Assistant
Kristin Schwader Schwader, Kristin Preschool Teacher 4 year old
Jennifer Scott Scott, Jennifer Admin. Assistant Development
Nancy Sebastian Sebastian, Nancy Spanish 2 Teacher and 8th Grade Assistant
Mary See See, Mary K-5th PE Teacher
Yvon Severino Severino, Yvon Preschool Teacher 3 year old
Clark Smearman Smearman, Clark Rhetoric Math
Jennifer Vickers Vickers, Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher
Carolyn Waller Waller, Carolyn Logic/Rhetoric Teacher
Pamela Waugh Waugh, Pamela Kindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Whitecotton Whitecotton, Rebecca Grammar School Principal
Katie Wilson Wilson, Katie Preschool Teacher 3 year old
Todd Zimmerman Zimmerman, Todd Head of School/Upper School Principal
Audra Zingelmann Zingelmann, Audra 1st Grade Teacher